Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my student be required to be in front of a computer from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day?

No. There will be weekly expectations for synchronous and asynchronous learning. Please see the attendance section of the handbook for details. 

Will Virtual Instruction be offered for the whole school year?

Yes, the RVA will be available for the whole school year.

Will my RVA student receive a device to complete their online learning assignments and log into their classes?

If the student does not have a device available at home, they will be issued a Chromebook.  However, the district cannot guarantee connectivity/internet services, so students enrolling in RVA will need to have access to connectivity.

Can my student return to school if virtual instruction is not for them?

Students enrolled in RVA may decide to return to traditional school.  If that happens, parents are asked to complete a semester prior to going back to their home school.

Can my student transition to virtual instruction if attending campus is not for them?

In the event that an on-campus student wants to transition to RVA, the placement would depend on availability in the online classes.  This transition would need to happen at the end of the first semester.

Will students be able to take elective classes in VIP?

Elective classes are available.

Are students enrolled in RVA eligible to participate in athletics when/if athletics are allowed in schools?

Yes, RVA students are considered enrolled in their home school and eligible to participate. Parents must provide transportation for the extracurricular activities.

If a student chooses the RVA program, will GT, Honors, and AP options be offered?

Unfortunately, there will be no honors courses offered in RVA.

Will my student still receive lunches in the program?

Yes, students enrolled in RVA will still be eligible to receive their breakfasts/lunches. Meal service will be worked out once the schedules are determined and parents/guardians would be responsible for picking up the meals curbside.

Will virtual students be out on the same holidays as traditional students?

Yes, RVA students will follow the same school calendar.

How will IEPs/IAPs and other Student Support Services work in the RVA?

Services will be provided and conducted in the same manner as before, with team meetings in the school for which the student is zoned. Students who receive accommodations/modifications in traditional classrooms will also receive those in virtual classrooms to the greatest extent possible.