About Us

The Richland Virtual Academy (RVA) is a learning option offered at each school in the Richland Parish School District.  It is accessible to all registered students within the district.  The virtual learning option is a fully on-line instructional program intended to be highly independent, self-motivating work from home program.  All instruction delivery is via the Edgenuity Platform. Each student will have a Richland teacher-coach from their assigned school, to the greatest extent possible. 

Student learning in RVA will be both synchronous (students are face-to-face with the teacher and other students via Google Meet) and asynchronous (students are working independently on coursework assignments via the Edgenuity platform).  The total time spent in both synchronous and asynchronous learning, although flexible, will be comparable to core content instructional time in a traditional classroom.

The RVA learning option is subject to the rules and regulations of the Louisiana Department of Education and Richland Parish Schools. RVA follows Richland Parish Schools’ calendar for test dates, holidays, and grading periods; however, RVA courses may start or end within a two week window of Richland Parish Schools start and end dates.