Important Dates

RVA Parent Orientations:
Rayville Elementary: TBA
Rayville High School & Rayville Junior High: TBA
Holly Ridge: TBA
Mangham Junior High & Mangham High School: TBA
Delhi High School: TBA
Start Elementary: TBA
Mangham Elementary: TBA
*Note: Orientation will be held at each school site. RJHS & RHS will be at the Arts Center
Parents will receive an email and/or text message.

Student Midterm drop date:  TBA

Face-to-Face Student Transition from RVA:  TBA

*To be considered for transition from Face-to-Face to RVA during the school year, a student MUST have an extenuating circumstance and be approved through the SBLC committee. No student will be allowed to enroll in RVA more than one time during an academic school year.