Student Supply List


The following supply list will cover basic needs for all grade levels. Any subject specific items will be determined by the class instructor.  Some items listed below may be used in other classes.  Please be attentive to the overlap of items and make adjustments to purchasing items accordingly.  Also, students should refrain from using other classmate’s materials at this time.

2 to 3 1″ – 2″ three-ring binders1 package of multi-colored hi-lighters
6 packs of college rule loose-leaf paper1 package of dividers w/ pockets
Pencils1 package of index cards
Black & blue pensScientific Calculator:
Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS

The following items are subject specific items for the identified courses below. Items listed below may be used in conjunction to other courses that have similar items.

Algebra 2
· Calculator:  TI-30XIIS (REQUIRED)
Students will also learn how to use
a graphing calculator when necessary.
· Students are NOT required to purchase a graphing calculator.
· Regular 2 inch 3- Ring Binder
(No zipper or closure).  Used only for this class.
· Package of Divider Sheets-no
· Loose leaf paper only. 
No spiral notebooks or spiral paper will be accepted.
· Pencils with erasers. 
Ink pens not allowed. 
Papers will not be graded in ink.
· Colored Pencils (school list)
· Pencil Bag or gallon zip lock bag
· Pencils with eraser (work done in ink is not allowed or graded). 
If you use mechanical pencils, please keep extra lead.
No sharing. 

· Binder -1 ½ or 2 inches; for this class only.
· 4 dividers
· Loose leaf paper (no spiral notebooks)
· 300 Index Cards (Flash Cards for Vocabulary);
I will provide ring for them.
· Pencil Pouch or Gallon Plastic Bag
· Colored pencils
· Scientific Calculator that has:
sin, cos, tan, fraction, square, square root, exponent,
and parentheses keys
(TI-30XHS or similar model
is recommended and will also be used in Alg. 2) 

· Protractor
· Compass
· 12 inch ruler with both metric and U.S. markings
· Scissors
· Glue Stick
· Ear phones
Spanish I and II:
· Three ring binder with loose
leaf paper
· Colored pencils
· Pencils and blue or black pens
· Pack of dividers for binder
· Spanish-English dictionary
U.S. History
· Three ring binder (3 inch)
· Loose leaf paper
· One package of dividers
· Blue or black ink pens
· Highlighter (any color)
·  Pencils
·  Flash drive – may be used for other classes
English 1
· Four colors of highlighters
· Blue pens
· Pencils
· 1/2 inch three ring binder
· Loose leaf college rule paper
· Speckled journal
English IV
· Three ring binder with three dividers
(for each section of Guidebooks)
· Loose leaf paper
· Five different colored highlighters (annotations)
· Blue or black pens
· Pencils
· 2 packs of different colored
sticky notes (Post-Its)
· Pencil & Pen
· 1 inch three ring binder
· Loose leaf college rule paper
· 3 x 5 index cards
· hi-lighters