Framework for Effective Instruction

As required by state and federal regulations, the Richland Parish School Board submitted a School Redesign Grant Application to the Louisiana Department of Education in Winter 2018 to support school improvement. Our school district received approval of its plan from the Department in Spring 2018.

The key components of our plan that will lead to school improvement include:

  • an improved, standards-aligned curriculum for students that meets the criteria to be the highest rated curriculum in the state
  • training for our teachers on the use of this curriculum
  • skillful curriculum use
  • high expectations
  • demonstration of student learning

The Richland Parish School Board has partnered with TNTP (The New Teacher Project) and ANet (Achievement Network) to develop leaders who have a strong school and instructional vision. Our administrative teams will relentlessly pursue results and lead through relationships. This leadership model will make it possible for faculty and staff members to do their best work to educate all students.

Skillful Curriculum Use

Teachers demonstrate an understanding of the why and how by strategically planning and implementing lessons that pay close attention to the design tenants and prioritized elements of each lesson are prioritized.

Students are engaged while executing the lesson structures and strategies outlined within the curriculum.

High Expectations

Teachers consistently engage all* students in the work of the lesson. Students are not permitted to opt out, or be removed unnecessarily from learning time.
*Gen Ed, Special Ed, 504, Gifted, etc.

Students and teachers consistently demonstrate through their words and actions, a belief that they can and will meet the demands of the standards for their grade level.

Demonstration of Learning

Teachers and leaders engage in regular data analysis cycles to inform instruction.

Teachers analyze student work regularly, and use it to identify trends in student understanding and misunderstanding. Teachers use this analysis to inform future lessons.

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Richland Parish Academic Leadership Team Profile