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“ All Students Soaring to New Academic Heights Together”

Our Vision

Our vision at Start Elementary is a collaborative effort among students, faculty, parents and the community to provide a caring, stable environment and academic excellence while preparing our children for life-long learning. We want our school to convey, to students and parents, a strong family atmosphere. It is important for our students to develop the confidence to take risks necessary for learning. To do this we will, as a school and in each classroom, work towards providing a warm secure environment with established routines, clear boundaries, and expectations.  Our students will develop and practice respect for each other, other people, property, and campus environment.  We want to help our students to develop an appreciation for a sense of obligation of living in a community whether it is their family, school, or the classroom.  We believe that it is important for our students to work for the common good of a group as well as their self-interest.  Our teachers will encourage our students to set goals, to plan and assess their own work through teacher-student criteria.  We believe that to be life-long learners our students need to be confident in the traditional skills of numeracy and literacy.  We will ensure our teachers will provide students with a balanced curriculum promoting academic excellence, mastery, and information technology.  In achieving our vision, in partnership with our parents, we believe we can develop future citizens to be productive in today’s society.

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