Senior Information


Mr/Miss MHS – Dylan Maldonado & Alayna Russell

Most Christlike – Connor Smith & Alayna Russell

Most likely to Succeed – Dylan Maldonado & Zy Villanueava

Most likely to make a difference in the world – Casey Nielsen & Zy Villanueva

Biggest Flirts – Joe Williams & Niya James

Class Clowns – Joe Williams & Niya James

Most School Spirit – Kolby Poindexter & Pearl Williams

Best Dressed – Kolby Poindexter & Colleen Case

Most likely to win a dance battle – Dekota Huber & Harley Whitman

Most likely to tell you what they think – Tae Gayden & Harley Whitman

Most Athletic – Tae Gayden & Morgan Cruse

Most likely to be a real life super hero – Travis Murphy & Morgan Cruse

Most Talented – Travis Murphy & Taylor Allen

Most likely to slip on a banana peel – Corey Kennedy & Arrah Darling

Most likely to be everyone’s friend – Corey Kennedy & Brittany Buchanan

Most likely to be the human version of a High Five – Jed Franks & Ashley Thompson

Most likely to Sleep through an Earthquake – Chase Underwood & Kasey Wyatt

Seniors & Senior Parents:

Congratulations!! You are SENIORS!!!

Graduation is Saturday, May 21 10:00 am

Graduation practice is Wednesday, May 18 9:30.  If you want to walk at Graduation, you MUST attend Graduation practice.

Girls are to wear a dress shorter than their gown and BLACK shoes (not flip flops)

Boys are to wear long sleeve white button up shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a dark colored tie (Black, Purple….)

It is time for you to register for COLLEGE. Go to the College in which you are interested in.  Go to admissions and apply.  IF you apply now, you will get put in for Academic scholarships.

In order to be a Richland Parish Scholar, a student must have a 3.0 or higher AND a 20 or higher on the ACT.

ALL seniors MUST fill out the FAFSA.  This is how you gets TOPS, Financial Aid, and Grants.

I will have free ACT Waivers soon.  You can look on and see the testing dates.

It you have not passed you LEAP 2025 State Standardized tests, it is VERY important that you are working on your remedial assignments on Edgenuity and the ones that are given to you by Coach Wilcher.  You must pass them in order to GRADUATE!!!