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Cheerleaders: All-American – Allison Chevalier, Leah Grace Waller, Alayna Yelverton, Juliette Berry, Makenzie Tillery, and Zoey LaTour

Snapdragons: American All-Star – Julia Cox, Olivia Malmay, Brookelyne Thornhill, Karaline Thomas


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Cheerleaders: All-American – Riley Tibbs, Zoey LaTour, Makenzie Tillery

Snapdragons: American All-Star – Shana Waller, Brookelyne Thornhill, Olivia Malmay

Football: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Jalen Williams (Overall MVP), Austin Lively (Offensive MVP), TJ Johnson, Jacoby Young, Malik Jones, Robert Natt, Cole Casey, Fred Rodgers, Jalen McGraw-Boley, Trey Massey, Gage Hutson; All-District 2nd team – Carlos Young, Isaiah McFarland, Drew Calloway, Brian Cleary, Gage Hutson, Jared Allen, Darrick Franklin; All-District Honorable Mention – Reginald Ausberry, Colt Casey, Dakota Robinson, Diego Rosales, Tanner Tarver; LSWA 2A All-State – Jalen Williams (Offensive Player of the Year); LSWA 2A All-State Honorable Mention – TJ Johnson, Jalen Boley-McGraw, Trey Massey; TJ Johnson – NE I-20 All-Star game; Jalen Williams – NE I-20 All-Star game, NE Delta Human Services Impact Player of the Year, Bayou Jamb Offensive Player of the Year Scores Playoff Bracket

Boys Basketball: 2-2A All District 2nd team – Jalen Williams; All-District Honorable Mention – Carlos Young, Malik Jones, Malija Gix Scores Playoff Bracket

Girls Basketball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Skylar Smith; All-District 2nd team – Graclyn Hicks and Gomyia Hicks; All-District Honorable Mention – Christina Jones and Ta’tiana Wilmore Scores Playoff Bracket

Baseball: 2-2A All District – District Champs, Brett Duplissey (Coach of the Year), All-District 1st team – Gage Hutson (MVP), Lane Almond, Shae Gwin, Brody Hutson, Austin Lively, Koltyn Huber, Cole Casey; All District 2nd team – Layne Pierce, Colt Casey, Carlos Young, Jacoby Young; LBCA All-Region & Underclass State Game- Lane Almond; LSWA A–State Honorable Mention – Lane Almond, Gage Hutson; Scores Playoff Bracket

Softball: 2-2A All District 1st team – Abbigail Harder, Adabelle Curtis, Kassidee Huber; Olivia Dannehl, Shelbie Pruitt; All-District 2nd team: Marra Beth Hutson, Lizzy Wyatt Scores Playoff Bracket

Boys Track: 2-2A District Champs; District/Regional Qualifiers – Ty’shawn Johnson (1st place in 100m dash, 2nd in 200m dash), Diego Rosales (3rd in 200m dash), Peter Bigelow (3rd place in 800m run, 3rd place in 1600m run), Tarek Cielatka (2nd in 3200m run), Malija Gix, Malik Jones, TJ Johnson, Diego Rosales(1st place in 4x100m Relay & 1st in 4x200m relay, 1st in 4x800m Relay),Malik Jones (2nd in long jump & 2nd in triple jump), Andrew Calloway (1st in discus), Trey Massey (2nd in discus), Ryan Woodruff (2nd in javelin); ( Regionals/State Qualifiers – Drew Calloway (Discus 3rd place), TJ Johnson (2nd in 100m Dash & 3rd place in 200m dash), Malik Jones (1st place in long jump), TJ Johnson, Malik Jones, Diego Rosales, and Jalen Williams (1st in 4×100 relay & 2nd in 4×200 Relay) 2-2A State4th place Overall; 4×200 State Champs & 2nd in 4×100 Ty’Shawn Johnson, Malik Jones, Diego Rosales, Jalen Williams; 2nd in Discus Drew Calloway; 3rd in Long Jump Malik Jones; 4th in 100m dash and 5th in 200m dash Ty’Shawn Johnson District Results Regional Results State Results

Girls Track: 2-2ADistrict/Regional Qualifiers – Tamerial Willis (3rd in 400m dash), Debra Bell, TaTianna Wilmore, Vontricia Bullock, Kenya McFarland(2nd in 4×100 relay & 3rd in 4×200), Debra Bell, Alexcia Hicks, Tammerial Willis, Gomiya Hicks(3rd in 4×400), Alexcia Hicks (2nd in high jump), Gomiya Hicks (2nd in long jump & 2nd in triple jump)


Cheerleaders: All-American – Addison Poindexter, Ainsley Twiner, Ja’Mariah Mitchell

Snapdragons: American All-Star

Football: 2-2A All-District Offensive 1st team – Jalen Williams (Offensive MVP) Antonio Bell, Thaddeus Bell, TJ Johnson All-District Defensive 1st team – Cole Casey, Gage Hutson, Michael Johnson, Malik Jones, Trey Massey, Terry Smith All-District Offensive 2nd team – Luke Gibson, Isaiah McFarland, Dakota Robinson, Carlos Young All-District Defensive 2nd team – Jalen McGraw-Boley, Frankie Cielatka, Robert Natt All-Academic Boys Football Team – Luke Gibson; The Morning Drive’s All-NELA 1st team – Jalen Williams, 2nd team – TJ Johnson, Antonio Bell, Honorable Mention – TJ Bell, Trey Massey, Terry Smith, Gage Hutson; The News Star All-Area 2nd Team – Antonio Bell; Louisiana Sports Writers Association All-State Honorable Mention – TJ Johnson, Jalen Williams; Northeast Louisiana All-Stars 1-20 East Team – Antonio Bell

Boys Basketball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Jalen Williams, Boys 2-2A All-District Honorable Mention team – D’Carlos Young, Malik Jones

Girls Basketball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Skylar Smith, Girls 2-2A All-District 2nd team – Charnecia Jones, Girls 2-2A All-District Honorable Mention – Sha’caira Bullock, Graclyn Hicks, Ta’Tiana Wilmore

Softball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Olivia Dannehl; 2-2A All District 2nd team – Avery Bichsel, Elizabeth Wyatt; 2-2A All District Honorable Mention – Lauren Gwin, Sha’Caira Bullock

Baseball: 2-2A District Champions; All-District 1st team – Lane Almond, Cole Casey, Colt Casey, Luke Curtis (MVP), Shea Gwin, Koltyn Huber, Michael Johnson, Austin Lively, Layne Pierce; All-District 2nd team – Skyler Medlin, Tanner Tarver, Jacoby Young; All-District Honorable Mention – Rylan Boles, Carlos Young; LSWA 2A All-State Team – Luke Curtis; LHSCA/LBCA All-Star East Team – Luke Curtis; LBCA Region 3 All-Region – Luke Curtis; LBCA All-State – Luke Curtis

Girls Track2-2A District Runner-ups; Qualified for Regionals – Tamerial Willis (400m Dash), Lizzy Wyatt (3200m Run), Gomiya Hicks (300m Hurdles), Charnecia Jones, Ja’Mariah Mitchell, Makenzie Stokes, Ta’Tiana Wilmore(4×100, 4×200, 4×400), Gillian Drewry (High Jump, Discus), Go’Miya Hicks (Triple Jump), Brooke Burrier (Pole Vault), Lauren Gwin (Pole Vault), Phoebe Drewry (Discus), Skylar Smith (Javelin, Shot Put), Ja’Nia Ausberry (Shot Put) Qualified for State – Phoebe Drewry (Discus); 2A State Meet – Phoebe Drewry (7th place)

Boys Track2-2A District Champions; Qualified for Regionals – Tyshawn Johnson (100m dash), Nehemiah Hardmon (400m dash), Frankie Cielatka (1600m Run & 3200m Run), Tarek Cielatka (3200m Run), Jalen Williams (110m hurdles), Tyshawn Johnson, Jalen Williams, Diego Rosales, Malik Jones (4x100m Relay, 4x200m Relay, 4x400m Relay, 4x800m Relay), Michael Johnson (High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump), Malik Jones (Long Jump), Drew Calloway (Discus), Trey Massey (Shot Put) Qualified for State – Drew Calloway (Discus): TJ Johnson, Malik Jones, Diego Rosales, Jalen Williams (4x100m Relay, 4x200m Relay); Tyshawn Johnson (100m Dash); 2A State Track Meet TJ Johnson (2nd place – 100m Dash); TJ Johnson, Malik Jones, Diego Rosales, Jalen Williams (4x100m Relay – 2nd place; 4x200m Relay – 3rd place), Andrew Calloway (Discus – 6th place)


Cheerleaders: All-American – Colleen Case, Arrah Darling, Alayna Russell, Addison Poindexter, Pearl Williams, Presley Williams

Snapdragons: American All-Star – Brittany Buchanan, Karoline Thomas, Brookelyn Thornhill, Zy Villanueva, Shana Waller, Harley Whitman

Football: 2-2A District Champions; 2-2A All-District Offensive 1st team – Kaleb Pleasant (Overall MVP), Cam Wilmore, Tae Gayden, JT Smith, Chase Underwood, Kolby Poindexter All-District Defensive 1st Team – Joe Williams (Def. MVP), Tae Gayden, Josh Uchtmann, Donta Straughter, Trey Massey All-Offensive 2nd team Shun Haynes, Clay Mills, Dakota Robinson All-District Defensive 2nd team Dylan Maldonado, Gage Hutson, Casey Nielsen, Terry Smith All-District Honorable Mention Connor Smith, Antonio Bell, TJ Johnson, Malik Jones, Michael Johnson, Jalen Williams, and Robert Natt All-NELA 1st team Offense Tae Gayden, Kaleb Pleasant, Kolby Poindexter, Chase Underwood, D’Cameron Wilmore All-NELA 1st team Defense Donte Straughter, Joe Williams All-NELA 2nd team Offense JT Smith All-NELA 2nd team Defense Trey Massey, Josh Uchtmann LFCS All-State Tae Gayden, Kolby Poindexer, Chase Underwood, Joe Williams LSWA All-State Tae Gayden, Kaleb Pleasant, Chase Underwood, Joe Williams LSWA All-State Honorable Mention JT Smith, D’Cameron Wilmore

Girls Basketball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Skylar Smith All-District 2nd team Alasia Hicks, Kelsey Jones All-District Honorable Mention Charnecia Hicks

Boys Basketball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Tae Gayden All-District 2nd team JT Smith, Jalen Williams All-District Honorable Mention Shun Haynes

Softball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Morgan Cruse, Lilly Cupp, Olivia Dannehl, Gabrielle Riggins, Dorothy Williams All-District 2nd team – Avery Bichsel, Kasey Wyatt 

Baseball: 2-2A All-District 1st team – Luke Curtis, Gage Hutson (Most Valuable Position Player), Chris Lindbeck, Kade Lively (Most Valuable Player), Dylan Maldonado, Casey Luke Nielsen, Connor Smith, Josh Uchtmann All-District 2nd team Cade Ingram All-NELA 1st team Kade Lively, Gage Hutson All-NELA 2nd team Luke Curtis LCBA All-Regional Kade Lively LCBA All-State Kade Lively LSWA All-State Gage Hutson, Kade Lively

Girls Track: 2-2A Runner-Up District Champs;  Qualified for Regional – Gillian Drewry( 300m Hurdles), Alasia Hicks (Triple Jump), Charnecia Jones, Ja’Mariah Mitchell, Christina Washington, Ta’Tiana Wilmore (4x100m Relay, 4x200m Relay, 4x400m Relay), Lizzy Wyatt (800m Run, 1600m Run, 3200m Run) Qualified for State: Lizzy Wyatt (3200m Run)

Boys Track: 2-2A District Champs; Qualified for Regionals – Dequaune Bell (400m Dash); Frankie Cielatka, Tarek Cielatka (1600m Run & 3200m Run; Tae Gayden, TJ Johnson (100m Dash, 200m Dash); Jalen Williams (110m Hurdles); JT Smith (300m Hurdles, High Jump); Trey Massey, Diego Rosales (Javelin); Trey Massey (Shot Put); Tae Gayden, TJ Johnson, Diego Rosales, JT Smith (4x100m Relay, 4x200m Relay, 4x400m Relay; 4x800m Relay); Qualified for State – Tae Gayden (100m Dash, 200m Dash); Tae Gayden, TJ Johnson, Diego Rasales, JT Smith (4x200m Relay) 


CheerleadersAll-American – Cammeran Neathery, Abby Pruitt, Leah Waller

Snapdragons American All-Star – Blake Felter, Georgia Mae Gray, Harley Whitman, Brittany Buchanan, Zy Climaco, Shana Waller, Brookelyne Thornhill 

Football: All-District 1st team – Adam Eley (Def), Tae Gayden (Def), Kobe Holland (Def), Kolby Poindexter (Off), Jarvis Smith (Off), Chase Underwood (Off), Cameron Wilmore (Off); All-District 2nd team – Shunkavious Haynes (Off), Dylan Maldonado (Def), Drew Martin (Off), Caden Monnin (Off), Casey Nielsen (Off), Kaleb Pleasant (Off), Payton Stovall (Off), Donte Straughter (Def), Josh Uchtmann (Def); All-District Honorable Mention – Chandler Carnicle. Aragon Meadows, Kobe Spencer, Joe Williams, Zach Williamson; All-Northeast 1st team – D’Cameron Wilmore (Off), Chase Underwood (Off), Adam ELey (Def), Tae Gayden (Def), Kobe Holland (Def); All-Northeast 2nd team – Kolby Poindexter (Off), JT Smith (Off), Josh Uchtmann (Def); LSWA All-State 1st team – Chase Underwood; LSWA All-State Honorable Mention – Adam Eley, JT Smith, D’Cameron Wilmore  Scores  Playoff Bracket

Girls Basketball – none  Scores   Playoff Brackett

Boys Basketball – none  Scores   Playoff Brackett

Softball – incomplete season due to COVID-19

Baseball – incomplete season due to COVID-19

Girls Track – incomplete season due to COVID-19

Boys Track – incomplete season due to COVID-19


Snapdragons: Blake Felter, Harley Whitman, Georgia Mae Gray, Brittany Buchanan

Football:1st team All-District: Hayden Hutson; 2nd team All-District – Bradley Cleary, Lee Mullins, Zach Williamson, JT Smith, Cam Wilmore; Honorable Mention All-District – Thomas Burgess, Adam Eley, Daniel Harwell, Caden Monnin, Kaleb P;easant, Kolby Poindexter, Payton Stovall; 2nd team All-NELA – Hayden Hutson   Scores Playoff Bracket 

Girls Basketball1st team All-District – T’Aira Haynes, Broderica Hicks; 2nd team All-District – Janiya Colvin; All-District Honorable Mention – Raci Dallas; Scores Playoff Bracket

Boys Basketball2nd team All-District – JT Smith; All-District Honorable Mention – Kevin Harrison, Ladarrius Robinson, Dezmond Young, and Sadiq Webb; Scores Playoff Bracket

Baseball: District Champs1st team All-District – Caden Monnin (MVP), Braxton Williams, Rodney Guin, Josh Keeton, Cameron Williamson, Josh Uchtmann; 2nd team All District – Thomas Burgess, Casey Nielsen, and Kaleb Pleasant; All-NELA 1st team – Caden Monnin, Braxton Williams; All-NELA 2nd team – Rodney Guin, and Josh Uchtmann; 2A LA Coach’s All-Regional Team – Caden Monnin  2A LA Sportswriter’s All-State – Caden Monnin; Scores Playoff Bracket

SoftballDistrict Champs1st team All-District – Grace Underwood (MVP), Raci Dallas, Kelsey Wyatt, Anna Myers, Cammeran Neathery, Madison Thomas, Kara Wilcher, Morgan Cruse, Abby Pruitt, Lilly Cupp; 2nd team All-District – Gabrielle Riggins, Leah Waller, Dorothy Williamson;  1st team All-NELA – Anna Myers, Cammeran Neathery, Gracie Underwood, Kara Wilcher; 2nd team All-NELA – Raci Dallas, Kelsey Wyatt; Class 2A State ChampsClass 2A Most Outstanding Player – Cammeran Neathery; Class 2A Coach’s All-State – Cammeran Neathery, Grace Underwood, Kara Wilcher, Kelsey Wyatt; 2A Sportswriter’s All-State – Cammeran Neathery, Grace Underwood; 2A Sportswriter’s All-State Honorable Mention – Morgan Cruse, Raci Dallas, Kelsey Wyatt, Anna Myers, Madison Thomas, and Kara Wilcher  Scores Playoff Bracket 

Track: Girls – District ChampsQualified for Regionals – Gillian Drewry (discus), Diamon Richardson (shot put), Alasia Hicks (triple jump), Broderica Hicks (triple jump and long jump) Outstanding District Field Performer, Janiya Colvin (High Jump, 800m relay, 400m dash, 1600m relay), T’Aira Haynes (High Jump, 800m relay, 300m Hurdles, 1600m relay), Niya James (800m relay, 100m hurles, 300m hurdles, 1600m relay), Latoya Johnson (800m relay, 100m dash, 400m relay, 200m dash), Charnecia Jones (relays), Christina Washington (400m run, relays), Nakaii Webb (400m relay), LIzzy Wyatt (1600m relay, 3200 run), Chapman Bazer (discus), Drew Martin (shot put), Tae Gayden (400m run, 800m relay), JT Smith (300m hurdles, 800m relay), Cam Wilmore (800m relay), TJ Johnson (800m relay), Frankie Cielatka (3200m run); Qualified for State –  Chapman Bazer (2nd in discus), Broderica Hicks (2nd in long jump, 2nd in triple jump), Niya James (3rd in 100m hurdles, 3rd in 300m hurdles, 3rd in 800m relay, 1st in 1600m relay), Latoya Johnson (3rd in 200m dash, 3rd in 800m relay, 1st 1600m relay), Janiya Colvin (1st in 400m run, 3rd in 800m relay, 1st in 1600m relay), T’Aira Haynes (2nd in 300m hurdles, 3rd in 800m relay, 1st in 1600m relay); Girls – Class 2A Regional Runner-upState results – Boys Discus 3rd place Chapman Bazer; Triple Jump 5th place Broderica Hicks; Long Jump 9th place Broderica Hicks; 300 meter hurdles T’Aira Haynes 6th place, Niya James 7th place; 100 meter hurdles Niya James 7th place; 200 meter dash Latoya Johnson 9th place; 400 meter dash Janiya Colvin 4th place, 4×200 meter relay Janiya Colvin, T’Aira Haynes, Latoya Johnson, Niya James 5th place; 4×400 meter relay Janiya Colvin, T’Aira Haynes, Latoya Johnson, Niya James 5th place