Senior Information


Letter #1 from Mrs. Tara

You MUST fill out FAFSA before you graduate.  Mrs. Rebecca Kavanaugh is here every Wednesday!!!

Make sure you have ordered your cap and gown package and it is paid off before Graduation practice. This is a must if you plan to walk at Graduation. (Graduate Sales: 318.396.8232)

Graduation is Saturday, May 20 @ 10:00 at the Richland Art Center

Seniors must be at the Richland Art Center at no later than 8:30 for pictures.

Graduation practice will be Wednesday, May 17 at 9:30. DO NOT BE LATE. Plan to stay for at least 3 hours.  YOU MUST ATTEND GRADUATION PRACTICE to walk at Graduation.

For Graduation:

Boys are to wear black pants, black dress shoes, white dress shirt with black, grey, or purple tie.

Girls: Dress shorter than your gown or black slacks with white blouse and Black Dress Shoes….NO FLIP FLOPS

All State Standardized Tests, coursework, and attendance requirements must be passed or met in order to walk at graduation.  The standardized tests are given in June, January, and April.  One more chance before graduation!!!

April is the last ACT that will go towards TOPS.

Apply for college…tour college campuses if you are unsure where you want to go

Apply for scholarships:

Search academicworks for the college in which you are registered and accepted.

Senior Recognition Ads & Yearbook

Due Sept 30
First Come First Serve; Business ads will also be sold. One student can have no more than 2 full pages of ads dedicated to them, whether they are recognition, business, or a combo of the two. Templates to look at so you send the right number of pictures.
BUSINESS ADS ORDER FORM Due Sept 30Send Digital pictures to Hard Copy Pictures will be scanned and given back.
YEARBOOKOrder form
Due by May 1st
Online orders are cheaper & can be done at