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2023-2024 DMS Rams Basketball Schedule

Girls’ Head Coach: Terrance A. Grimes Sr.; Assistant Coach: Kenya Grimes

Boys’ Head Coach: Edward Parks; Assistant: Nick McDowell

Oct 16MondayStartAway25.00 
Oct 19ThursdayTensasHome25:30
Oct 23MondayCarroll JrAway45:30
Oct 26ThursdayCarroll JrHome45:30
Oct 30MondayTensasAway45:30
Nov 2ThursdayManghamHome45:30
Nov 6Monday CrowvilleAway45:30
Nov 13Monday Holly RidgeAway25:30
Nov 16ThursdayHolly RidgeHome25:30
Nov 27Monday ManghamAway45:30
Nov 30ThursdayCrowvilleHome45:30
Dec 4Monday Griffin MiddleHome25:30
Dec 7ThursdayGriffin MiddleHome25:30
Dec 11MondayStartHome25:00

2023- 2024 Football Schedule

2023-2024Day of The WeekName of TeamLocationTimeWin / Loss
Aug 15TuesdayOpenAway  
Aug 22TuesdayCrowvilleAway5:30 PM 
Aug 29TuesdayFerridayHome5:30 PM 
Sept 5TuesdayBlockAway6:00 PM 
Sept 12TuesdayBlockHome5:30 PM 
Sept 19TuesdayTensasHome5:30 PM 
Sept 26TuesdayGriffin MIddleHome5:30 PM 
Oct 3TuesdayGriffin MiddleAway5:30 PM 

Coaches: Edward Parks, Rodney Parker, Tyrone Powell, Johnny Hedgeman, & Nick McDowell