The Richland Parish School Board shall require written minutes of all open meetings.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for safeguarding all official documents, including the School Board minutes.


Minutes shall:


  1. Note the time, place, and date of the meeting.

  2. Record the School Board members present.

  3. Record the substance of all matters decided, and, at the request of any member, a record, by individual member, of any votes taken.

  4. Record any other information that the public body requests be included or reflected in the minutes.


The minutes shall be mailed to each member as soon following the meeting as reasonably can be done.  The minutes shall be public records and shall be available within a reasonable time after the meeting except where such disclosures would be inconsistent with statutory provision.  The minutes shall be approved, without reading, with such corrections as the School Board may deem necessary, at the next regular meeting and must bear the signature of the Secretary and School Board President.


Except as here stated, minutes shall not include either in their entirety or by way of summary:


  1. The discussions of the School Board members;

  2. The statements of the School Board members; or,

  3. The discussion or statements of visiting members of the public.


Within twenty (20) days after the meeting, the minutes shall be presented by the secretary to be published one (1) time in the official journal of the School Board.  The official minutes shall be bound and kept in the office of the Superintendent as permanent record of the Richland Parish School Board.


The School Board shall post on its website a copy of the School Board minutes made available for publication and shall maintain a copy of those minutes on its website for at least three (3) months after the posting.  The School Board shall post the minutes on its website within ten (10) days after publication in the official journal.




The School Board shall also select a newspaper which shall be the official journal of the School Board to publish all official minutes of School Board meetings, as well as all other legal advertising of the School Board.  The journal shall be selected annually to provide such service for the fiscal year.  The official journal shall meet all qualifications as outlined in state law and any others the School Board may prescribe.


Revised:  August, 2010

Revised:  July 12, 2011

Revised:  November 11, 2014



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Board minutes, 7-12-11, 11-11-14


Richland Parish School Board