Open Enrollment

The Richland Parish School Board will accept Open Enrollment transfer applications from April 11, 2022 – May 13, 2022.  No applications will be accepted after close of business day on May 13, 2022.

Richland Parish School Board Policy File:  JBCC Student Assignment was revised to reflect the following:

A student who desires to attend a school outside of his/her zone of residency may apply for a transfer to another grade-appropriate school in another zone, which transfer will be granted with the following conditions:

  • The student and/or his/her parent/legal guardian/custodian shall be responsible for transportation to and from the schools within the receiving zone;
  • The student’s application is received on or before the deadline set by the Superintendent;
  • Capacity is available within the grade-level at the receiving school;
  • The receiving school zone will be the student’s home school zone for all purposes;
  • The transferred student shall continue to be enrolled in the grade appropriate school in the receiving zone until and if a transfer back to the zone of residency is approved;
  • No transfer from the receiving school back to the zone of residency shall be available except for a subsequent school year, which application must meet the deadline requirement;
  • A student who is newly enrolled to a school will be eligible to access a transfer for the subsequent school year;
  • A student granted a transfer remains subject to the rules and regulations of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association; and
  • The transfer must not violate but must be in compliance with any placement or other requirement of a student’s Individualized Education Plan or Section 504 Plan

The Superintendent shall develop an administrative procedure which provides for the efficient, effective, and equitable implementation of this transfer policy. Open enrollment transfers will be accessed on a first come, first served basis.

Open Enrollment Contact:  Rebecca Freeland – 318 782-5964 extension 279.