2019-2020 Report Card Grade Calculations

Parents and Guardians,

Proclamation Number 47 JBE 2020 from the Office of Governor John Bel Edwards mandates the closure of school facilities to students from March 16, 2020 through May 22, 2020. To fairly evaluate student progress for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, teachers of all schools in Richland Parish will assign student grades using the following criteria:

  • A minimum of three (3) student grades issued for class assignments and tests given from February 25, 2020 to March 13, 2020 will be used to assign the average grade for the 5th 6-weeks. It is possible that some students may have more than three (3) grades per subject posted for the 5th 6-weeks.
  • Once the teacher assigned grade for the 5th 6-weeks is averaged, students will have an opportunity to obtain up to 10 bonus points from distance education/continuous learning assignments. The teacher will have discretion to issue bonus points based on factors including, but not limited to teacher choice of assignment, completion, and accuracy. Student completion of assignments for bonus points is optional and not required.
  • The highest average of the 1st through 5th 6-weeks will be used to assign the average grade for the 6th 6-weeks. Mid-term exams and semester averages will not be considered.
  • Exam 2 will not be reported except in instances of grades reported for college or university credit.
  • Semester 1 and Semester 2 grades will be averaged to determine the Final grade.

All promotion and retention decisions will be made at the school level by the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) and not by the Richland Parish School Board. To review grades assigned to your child, access the Richland School Progress Center at https://parents.richland.k12.la.us/progress/.

If you have any questions pertaining to student grades, please contact your child's assigned school. I encourage you to regularly visit the district and school websites located at www.richland.k12.la.us for updates. Continue to stay safe and practice social distancing to promote safety during this public health emergency.

Sheldon Jones
Superintendent of Schoools



Our Mission Statement
The Richland Parish School System will provide a comprehensive educational foundation and safe learning environment for all students. Students will demonstrate mastery of skills needed to be lifelong learners. It is our system's purpose to develop the whole child to his/her fullest potential. Excellence will be expected from each employee and student in the system.