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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Computers and Printers

Problem: I have a Detel Computer that isn't working.
Solution: Report problem to the Lead Technology Teacher at your school ASAP so they can do an online service request form to Detel. Detel will then send someone to fix the problem.

Problem: My printer will not print anything.
Solution: Check power cords, check to see if you are out of ink, and if the printer is networked to all of your computers make sure the computer that the printer is directly connected to is on.

Problem: I want to change my email password.
Solution: All requests (if successful) are processed within five minutes. You can only do this from inside the school system. http://richland.k12.la.us/chpasswd.php

Problem: How do I access the Richland Parish Forum?
Solution: This forum can be access by clicking the "Forum" link in your email, or by going to http://richland.k12.la.us/forum or there is a link in the top bar of your email account.

Problem: What is my username and password for the Richland Parish Forum?
Solution: The username for logging in is the same as your email; however, the password may be different. If your email password does not work, try using (in all lowercase) your first initial, last initial, and the last four digits of your social security number. For example, John Doe, with SSN 123-45-6789, may have the password "jd6789". You can change your forum password at any time by editing your profile; however, this will not change your email password.

Problem: How do I access Moodle for Richland Parish?
Solution: Moodle can be accessed by going to http://richland.k12.la.us/moodle and your user name and password are the same as your email account.

Problem: I have a Windows 05 computer/equipment that I no longer need. How do I get rid of it?
Solution: Find and record the serial number. Report to your school inventory person and to Mrs. Becky Neathery in receiving at the SBO that is it broken and being removed from inventory.

Problem: How do I get Pidgin(Gaim) installed on my computer?
Solution: Pidgin can be accessed at http://richland.k12.la.us/~tech/ and following the onscreen directions (with pictures)