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Speech Language Reference Guide


Response to Intervention

Guidelines for RtI
Miccio Stimulability Probe
Permission to Screen
Phonetic Transcription for Articulation Screening Form

Richland Articulation Form
RtI Notification of Screening Results and RtI Decision
RtI Procedures
Screening Form

Richland Parish Articulation Screening Pictures
SLP Oral Peripheral

Results of Screening - Passed

Initial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation Letter to Parents
Initial Evaluation Procedures
Parent Interview
Revised Initial Shell
Student Interview Form
Teacher Interview Initial

Richland Parish Complete Screening Form
Activities to Encourage Speech & Language Development birth to 2
Activities to Encourage Speech & Language Development 2 to 4
Activities to Encourage Speech & Language Development 4 to 6
Needs Description:  Fluency
Needs Description:  Articulation
Needs Description:  Listening Comprehension
Needs Description:  Oral Expression
Needs Description:   School Age Language- Teachers
Needs Description:  School Age Language – Parents
Some of the Ways We Can Foster Language Development
How to Stop Stuttering in Preschoolers


Re-evaluation IEP Contact Log
Re-evaluation Summary Checklist
Re-evaluation Parent Conference

Teacher Interview Re-evaluation
Re-evaluation Procedures
Guidelines for Triennial Waiver


Speech Therapy Second Notice of IEP meeting
Time Log
Speech Only Accomodations









Our Mission Statement
The Richland Parish School System will provide a comprehensive educational foundation and safe learning environment for all students. Students will demonstrate mastery of skills needed to be lifelong learners. It is our system's purpose to develop the whole child to his/her fullest potential. Excellence will be expected from each employee and student in the system.