Welcome to the Richland Parish School Board

Child Find

Every child develops academically at a different rate, but often children need our assistance in removing obstacles that prevent them from obtaining their full potential.  Child Find is a free service for referral and information for the Richland Parish School System children and their families.  This service is available to children who need help with learning problems that interfere with their ability to perform well in school.  These problems may include social interaction, speech, vision, hearing, and/or motor problems.  We also have programs available for children who demonstrate the ability that gives evidence of high performance in academic and intellectual aptitude.  These services are available from birth to age 21 years.  If you have concerns that your child is in need of these programs, please call the Special Education Department or Pupil Appraisal office at 728-5964 for information.  We are here to assist you with the learning needs of your child.



Our Mission Statement
The Richland Parish School System will provide a comprehensive educational foundation and safe learning environment for all students. Students will demonstrate mastery of skills needed to be lifelong learners. It is our system's purpose to develop the whole child to his/her fullest potential. Excellence will be expected from each employee and student in the system.