Welcome to the Richland Parish School Board

Numerical Listing of Forms

1 Travel Expense Account Page 1 word/pdf
1A Travel Expense Account Page 2 word/pdf
4 Work Order (maintenance) word/pdf
5 Suspension/Expulsion Form word/pdf
6 Medicine - Request to Administer word/pdf
7 Print Request Form word/pdf
9 Textbook Inventory and Need Form word/pdf
10 Vision/Hearing Referral Form word/pdf
11 Bus Daily Consumption of Gasoline, Oil, & Mileage word/pdf
11A Transportation - Special Transportation Form word/pdf
12 Bus - School Pre-Trip Inspection List pdf
13 Stipend Form word/pdf
14 Act of Donation of Employee Sick Leave word/pdf
16 Substitute Teacher Application Form pdf
17 FERPA word/pdf
19 Field Trip Form pdf
20 Request for Contract Services word/pdf
21 Temporary Employment Application Form word/pdf
22 Certified Personnel - Application word/pdf
22A Recommendation Form word/pdf
23 School Attendance Zone Verification Form word/pdf
25 Home Language Survey word/pdf
27 Accident Report - Student word/pdf
28 Missed Punch Report word/pdf
29 Richland Parish Policies and Procedures
30 Child Welfare and Attendance word/pdf
31 Half Cent Sales Tax Distribution Reimbursement word/pdf
33 Documentation of Effort to Resolve Failing Grade word/pdf
34 Library Books Inventory Form word/pdf
36 Extra Pay Form word/pdf
36B Richland Parish Time Sheet word/pdf
38 Sick Leave or Annual Leave Report Form word/pdf
40 Use Agreement pdf
41 Internet Acceptable Use Contract word/pdf
42 Sick Leave/Annual Leave Request word/pdf
44 Comp Time - Request for Approval word/pdf
44(R-02/04) Overtime - Request for Approval word/pdf
45 Media Center Library Issue Slip word/pdf
47 Sabbatical Leave Request word/pdf
47B Sabbitical Leave Agreement word/pdf
47C Sabbatical Leave Application pdf
48 Sexual Harassment Investigation Report word/pdf
51 Personnel Recommendation Form word/pdf
52 Classified Personnel Contract word/pdf
53 Teacher Contract Certified Non-Tenure pdf
Teacher Contract Non-Certified pdf
54 Teacher Service Record pdf
60 Payroll Change Form word/pdf
80 Daily Lesson Plans pdf
100 Professional Growth Plan A and B Certificates word/pdf
100.25 Teacher Job Description pdf
110.1 & 110.3 PGP - School growth objective for teachers under new certification structure or with any non-standard certificate
110.2 & 110..3 PGP - Individual growth objective for teachers under new certification structure or with any non-standard certificate
200 Instructional Personnel Observation (rp200) word/pdf
200A Instructional Personnel Observation Rubric excel/pdf
300 Instructional Personnel Self-Evaluation Plan pdf
400 Instructional Personnel Evaluation Summary word/pdf
500 Non-Instructional Personnel Observation word/pdf
600 Non-Instructional Self Evaluation word/pdf
600A Non-Instructional Self Evaluation - Principal word/pdf
700 Non-Instructional Personnel Evaluation Summary pdf
700A Non-Instructional Self Evaluation Summary - Principal word/pdf
700A1 Non-Instructional Personnel Evaluation Summary
800 Additional Comments/Information word/pdf
800A Additional Comments/Information word/pdf
900 Intensive Assistance Plan word/pdf
1000 Request for Evaluation Results (rp1000) word/pdf