According to data analysis since the 2011-2012 school year, ELA proficiency at Mangham Elementary is, for the most part, on a downward trend and curriculum changes the last two years have not helped that trend.    The 2015-2016 data comprehensive needs assessment summary report from the school improvement plan has ranked ELA as the top two weaknesses for MES.  In an effort to improve ELA proficiency at MES, we have implemented La. Believes, Core Guides, and Horizon Phonics but it has not been enough.  Our students are still struggling in reading.  Also, time management was identified in our LANA as a factor. 

This year in an effort to address these weaknesses, the main target in faculty study groups and team planning will be improving reading and classroom management.  Our main focus at the beginning of the year will be a book study on Guided Reading and using what we learn in that book study to implement guided reading in our classrooms.  This will be a challenge, especially the upper grade levels who are departmentalized but I feel that the outcomes could surprise you!   Our teacher leaders have also attended trainings over the summer and we will redeliver those to you during faculty meetings and team planning meetings. 

This Moodle class has been designed to help keep all our agendas, logs, materials, and sign in sheets in one place for easy access.