Students who drive automobiles, motorcycles, or scooters to school shall be required to obtain the proper operator's license, liability insurance, and register such vehicle with a designated member of the faculty.  Registration of the vehicle with school officials shall constitute permission by the owner to consent to a search by the vehicle by school officials or other properly authorized individuals when circumstances warrant in accordance with Richland Parish School Board policy.


All vehicles shall be parked in parking spaces designated by the principal and may not be moved during the school day without permission of the principal.  The arrival and departure of vehicles on the school campus shall be regulated by the principal.


No student can leave school during the noon hour unless he/she has a written excuse from his/her parents to go home for lunch.  If an automobile is used, no one shall ride in the automobile except the student(s) approved by both their parents and the parents of the driver.  Such written approval shall be registered with and approved by the principal.  The student(s) must go directly to school.


Students shall not sit in parked cars at any time after their arrival at school.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Richland Parish School Board