No staff member shall excuse any pupil from school prior to the end of the school day, or into any person's custody, without the direct prior approval and knowledge of the principal.


The principal shall not excuse a pupil before the end of the school day without a request for the early dismissal by the student's parents.  Telephone requests for early dismissal of a pupil shall be honored only if the caller can be positively identified as the pupil's parent or guardian.  Also, the Richland Parish School Board is aware that because of legal separation and divorce, many children enrolled in the public schools live with a parent having legal custody, with the other parent being legally non-custodial.  The Board is also aware that problems may arise when a non­-custodial parent attempts to pick up a child at school.  Consequently, it shall be the responsibility of the parent with legal custody, who does not wish the non-custodial parent to pick the child up from school, to provide the principal of the school with a certified copy of the judgment of the court granting custody, and with a written request to not permit the non-­custodial parent to pick the child up from school.


Additional precautions shall be taken by the school administration appropriate to the age of students, and as needs arise.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:221, 17:226, 17:232


Richland Parish School Board