The Richland Parish School Board recognizes the importance of protecting the health and welfare of the educational system from the spread of communicable diseases, including AIDS.  A communicable disease shall be defined as a persistent or recurring infection which may be potentially transmitted to a susceptible person by contact with an infected individual.


If a student or employee of the School Board or any person living in the residence of that individual is diagnosed as having a communicable disease, including AIDS, the continued attendance of that individual at school shall be permitted only when a written statement from the individual's physician and/or a physician of the Board's choice is submitted to the Superintendent, stating that the individual's health safely allows such attendance.  Any restrictions or precautions necessary to safeguard the individual's health and the health of others with whom the individual comes into contact must be included on the physician's statement.


If the individual's physical condition indicates that the health of the individual does not safely allow the individual's continued attendance at work or at school, the individual shall remain away from work or school until the individual's physician and/or a physician of the Board's choice verifies that the individual can safely return to the regular work or school environment as per this policy.


Infected individuals shall inform appropriate school officials of the infections so that proper precautions for the protection of the other students, employees, and the infected individual can be taken.


The identity of an individual whom reasonable cause exists to believe that he/she is infected shall be revealed only to those who have a need to know, as identified by the Superintendent and the individual's physician and/or a physician of the Board's choice.  If an infected individual is permitted to remain in the system and/or school setting after a determination has been made within ten (10) workdays and/or school days, employees who shall have regular personal contact with the individual shall be informed of information as to the individual's medical condition.  They shall be informed of public health precautions to be taken.  Persons informed of the identity of an infected individual shall not disclose such information to others, except as authorized under this policy.


If the infected individual is a student and his/her physician and/or a physician of the Board's choice indicates that the health of the student does not allow his/her continued attendance in the regular education program, education services shall be provided in the setting appropriate to the health status of the child.


The determination of whether an infected individual shall be permitted to remain at work or at school in a capacity that involves contact with employees or students shall be made on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Superintendent and the School Board.


Students whose parent/guardian knowingly conceal their child's having a communicable disease shall, upon identification, be suspended from school on an excused absence status, with the opportunity to make-up assignments and graded activities, for a maximum of ten (10) school days, during which time the Superintendent shall determine the student's school attendance status.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:170

Health and Safety, Bulletin 135, Louisiana Department of Education


Richland Parish School Board