The Richland Parish School Board fully recognizes the responsibility police have to protect all citizens by enforcing the laws of the community.  The Board, in turn, has the responsibility to protect the students attending the schools of the parish.  Therefore, police may visit the school in search of information or on other official police business.  Any law enforcement official entering school premises, however, shall be required to report first to the office of the principal, state his/her purpose, and produce identification and warrants, if any.


A student in school shall not be interrogated by any authority without the knowledge of a school official.  Parents shall be notified, if possible, prior to any search, interrogation, or arrest of a student and such notification shall be documented.  Police may search a student or his/her locker if they have a valid search warrant, or if there is probable cause to believe a student is secreting evidence of an illegal act.  A student may only be questioned by police officers in private and shall be entitled to have an adult present in connection with any investigation.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Richland Parish School Board