Students shall be required to attend the school in the attendance area in which their residence is located.  Students who wish to attend a school other than the one designated for their attendance zone of residence may apply for transfer when circumstances warrant.  All transfer requests must be in writing and submitted to the Superintendent prior to the beginning of the school year.  New enrollees may submit a transfer request during the school year at the time of their initial enrollment in Richland Parish.  This transfer is for a one year period.


The School Board shall not grant any student transfers except those justified by special circumstances (e.g. health or safety reasons) and those transfers listed below:


  1. A student may transfer from a school where his/her race is in the majority to a school where his/her race is in the minority.

  2. Any student who requires a course of study that is offered in one attendance zone and which is not offered at the school which the student has been assigned may transfer to the appropriate school upon request and approval of the School Board.


When a student transfers to another school within the district, the following procedures shall be followed:


  1. The original copy of the student's records or folder shall be transferred to the receiving school by the principal.

  2. A copy of the student's transcript shall be kept in the principal's office of the school being transferred from.  The date of the transfer shall be recorded on the transcript.


Acknowledgment forms for receipt of students' records will be used by all principals.




Any transfer under this policy shall be permitted only if such transfer would be permissible under the provisions of any active orders of the United States District Court entered in the desegregation case styled United States of America v. Richland Parish School Board, Civil Action No.66-121 (W.D.La.).




Students shall be required to attend school in accordance with statutory provisions.  Students may be permitted to withdraw from school however, if approved by the Superintendent and the Board.


Revised:  October, 2001

Revised:  August, 2010

Revised:  February 8, 2005

Revised:  October 8, 2013

Revised:  December 13, 2005

Revised:  November 12, 2013

Revised:  April 7, 2009




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Richland Parish School Board