The Richland Parish School Board is aware that class size may have bearing on effective teaching.  Therefore, the Board directs the Superintendent to work with principals in establishing a reasonable and equitable class enrollment for each teacher.


Louisiana law requires the systemwide pupil-classroom-teacher ratio in grades kindergarten through third grade to be no greater than twenty (20) students.  The maximum enrollment in a class or section in grades K-3 shall be twenty-six (26) students and in grades 4-12, thirty-three (33) students, except in certain activity types of classes in which the teaching approach and the materials and equipment are appropriate for large groups.  No teachers at the secondary level shall instruct more than 750 student hours per week, except those who teach the above classes.


The Board understands that achieving this goal is dependent upon the financial ability of the schools and State funding under the pupil-teacher rates.


The School Board may request from the State Superintendent of Education a limited waiver from complying with the systemwide 20-1 student-teacher ratio, provided the teacher has demonstrated effectiveness pursuant to the state evaluation program.


Revised:  March 12, 2013



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:151, 17:174

Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741, Louisiana Department of Education

Board minutes, 3-12-13


Richland Parish School Board