The Richland Parish School Board believes that the primary purpose of education is to provide for the maximum growth and development of every child in order that each student will demonstrate mastery of skills needed to be a life-long learner and useful citizen.  We believe that academic, physical, social, emotional and moral phases of growth and development can be regarded separately but not independently.  The rate of growth and the extent of possible development differ in every child and make it necessary to provide for the differing needs and abilities of youth.


In a democratic society, education is both a right and a responsibility.  All children should be offered equal educational opportunities and should avail themselves of those opportunities.  The learning activities of students will be free of interference.


The Richland Parish School Board believes in the following statements which support its philosophy and give additional direction in defining its purpose:


  1. Quality instruction should be provided for each student.

  2. An appropriate curriculum for each student is a responsibility of the school system.

  3. All students can learn and reach individual acceptable standards designed for their needs and abilities.

  4. All program services should be correlated to complement each other and support the curriculum in meeting the needs of students.

  5. Adequate personnel, facilities, equipment, materials, and auxiliary services should be furnished by the school system.

  6. It is necessary to inform the public concerning the direction and needs of the school system.

  7. Adequate in-service professional training, leadership training, and complete evaluation of all components of the program should be provided.

  8. The school system should actively involve parents and community in all aspects of the school program.

  9. Fiscal responsibility is essential at every level.

  10. Proper rapport with the Louisiana Department of Education should be maintained.



Ref:     Board minutes, 4-3-90


Richland Parish School Board