The Richland Parish School Board shall require, and the Superintendent shall verify that all employees considered for promotion possess the appropriate qualifications and/or certification necessary for the position.




When the filling of any vacancy by the School Board is to be considered, the School Board shall require that the members be apprised of the top three (3) applicants for the position and their relative ranking among all candidates.  All pertinent information regarding the applicants shall be given to the School Board.  The School Board reserves the right to have informal interviews in certain cases prior to the selection of any applicant to fill the vacancy.


Whenever a teacher/certificated employee is promoted by the Superintendent from a position of lower base salary to a position of higher base salary requiring the holding of a teaching certificate, employment shall be based on a written contract containing performance objectives.  Such contract shall be for a term of not less than two (2) years, nor more than four (4) years, except when such employment is for a temporary position.  Prior to the School Board’s approval of any initial or subsequent contract which involves an employee being or having been promoted to a position with a higher salary, the Superintendent shall disclose all terms of the contract to the School Board.


Any employee thus promoted and who enters into an employment contract as stated above, shall not gain permanent tenured status in the position to which promoted.




Decisions regarding promotion of support personnel shall be made by the Superintendent.




Any regulations under this policy shall be permitted only if permissible under the provisions of any active orders of the United States District Court entered in the desegregation case styled United States of America v. Richland Parish School Board, Civil Action No.66-121 (W.D.La.).


Revised:  July, 2012

Revised:  October 14, 2014



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:444

Sund v. St. Helena Parish School Board, 2005-2473 (La. App.1st Cir. 5/5/06), 935 So. 2d 219 (2006)

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Richland Parish School Board