The Richland Parish School Board, through the Superintendent, may require an employee to have a medical examination whenever there is evidence the employee's condition warrants such action, or there is concern for safety.  Examinations may also be conducted to determine adequacy of job performance or to meet requirements of state or federal laws.  All examinations conducted shall conform to all state and federal requirements.  The physician shall be paid by the Board.  The Board may be entitled to reimbursement from an employee for the costs of such employee's or applicant's pre-employment medical examination or drug test if the employee terminates the employment relationship sooner than ninety (90) working days after the first day of work or never reports to work, unless there is a substantial change made to the employment by the Board.




Prior to the opening of each school session, each employed school bus operator, regular, substitute, or activity bus operator shall be required to submit to the Superintendent a certificate from a licensed physician on forms furnished by the School Board, stating that the operator has been examined and is free from any ailment, disease, or defect that would adversely affect his/her ability to safely operate a school bus.  Such certificate should be submitted within fifteen (15) days prior to the opening of school, and the cost of said examination shall be paid by the Board.


All bus drivers may be required to have other examinations if the Superintendent of Richland Parish Schools feels the driver has a medical problem that would warrant another medical exam or a more extensive examination.


Revised:  October, 1997

Revised:  November 13, 2001

Revised:  September 10, 2002



Ref:    42 USC 12101 et seq. (Title I, Americans With Disabilities Act)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:491, 17:491.2, 23:897

Board minutes, 11-13-01


Richland Parish School Board