It shall be the policy of the Richland Parish School Board to permit the use of school buses for student trips or excursions to enhance instructional activities.  The use of buses for such trips shall be strictly governed by regulations adopted by the Board and/or established by the Superintendent or administrative staff.  All arrangements for any trip or excursion shall be made by either the transportation supervisor or the Superintendent.


Any school or organization may use buses for athletic or activity trips.  The Board will be reimbursed by the school or organization the expense equal to the cost of operation of the buses for the particular event.  In addition, the following guidelines shall also apply to the special use of any school bus:


  1. For activities of an educational nature within the Parish, the use of the buses shall be requested by the principal of the school involved and it shall be limited in time so as not to interfere with the regular route to which that bus is assigned.

  2. For educational activities outside the Parish, the use of the buses shall be limited to transporting those students who are engaged in representing their school in the principal activity for which the trip is required.  The request shall also come from the principal involved.

  3. Approval for the use of the buses shall be requested at a time prior to the trip sufficient for the office staff to evaluate the request and to make the arrangements necessary.  All buses on all occasions shall be driven by a person with a commercial drivers license.  The principal of the school involved shall be held responsible for seeing that the above condition is met.

  4. Cellular telephones shall be assigned by the principal to all school buses traveling on school athletic or field trips.


When requested, buses may be used for special programs sponsored by the towns of Rayville, Mangham and Delhi if the use of the bus is directly related to educational improvement of school age students.  Rules and regulations regarding drivers and bus safety shall be the same as those required of regular drivers.


Reimbursement for the use of school buses shall be at a rate as established by the Board.


Revised:  January, 2000



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:158

Board minutes, 11-2-99


Richland Parish School Board