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It shall be the policy of the Richland Parish School Board to require all vehicles used for the transportation of children, whether privately or publicly owned, be inspected twice annually by authorized and qualified personnel.  Such inspections should occur during the summer months by appropriate personnel and in December, January, or February by an approved Louisiana Motor Vehicle Inspection Station.  Any bus found to be deficient shall be so designated and shall not be used to transport students until the appropriate repairs have been made and further inspection reveals that the deficiency has been removed.


All vehicles used for the transportation of children, whether privately or publicly owned, shall be inspected periodically by local transportation personnel in accordance with standards established by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and/or the School Board.


All buses shall be inspected under the auspices of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety at the earliest possible date following the close of the school session.  Any buses requiring repairs or replacements shall be reinspected by qualified personnel on a date and at a location to be designated.




Before beginning, during, and after completing each assigned route, trip, or individual run daily, the bus driver shall conduct pre-trip, en route, and post-trip inspections of the vehicle and its special equipment to check for passengers, special equipment, medication, etc. that may have been left on the bus.  Before the driver exits the bus after any trip or individual run, the driver shall immediately perform a post-trip inspection of the interior of the bus for children or other passengers that may have remained on the bus.  The driver shall employ any means necessary to check for children who may be under seats.  The driver shall also check for damage to seats, and articles left on the bus.  Failure to check for children left on the bus may result in discipline of the driver, up to and including termination.


Revised:  October, 2006



Ref:     Louisiana School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, Bulletin 119, Louisiana Department of Education

Board minutes, 10-10-06


Richland Parish School Board