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Richland Parish School Board members and school system personnel shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred, except meals and mileage which would be based upon the flat rate established by the Board, while on official school business.  Travel expenses shall be limited to those expenses necessarily incurred by employees or Board members in the performance of official responsibilities as may be authorized by the Board.  Reimbursement shall be made according to travel regulations and evidence of supporting receipts.


Travel allowance shall be granted for travel accomplished only to the extent provided for in the budget.  All claims for reimbursement must be submitted, in duplicate, using appropriate form.




Personnel planning out-of-parish travel shall apply for and have travel approved prior to trip being made.  Said application must state purpose of trip, destination, estimated time and estimated cost.  Authorization must be approved by the immediate supervisor or administrator before approval can be granted by the Superintendent.  No reimbursement for travel shall be made unless approval is given prior to travel.




Reimbursement for in-parish travel by staff members of each school shall be paid out of School Board budget monies allocated to each school.  The amount of money budgeted and expended for travel shall be left to the discretion of the principal.  In-parish travel reimbursement shall be used for such purposes as staff development by professional staff members or for other staff members required to use their personal vehicles on school related business; e.g., the school custodian needing to pick up repair parts, materials, and/or supplies.




All employees who use their private vehicles for official Board business shall be required to carry liability insurance as provided by the Financial Responsibility Law.  When a private vehicles is used, mileage shall be reimbursed based on the Board approved rate.  In no case shall an employee be allowed mileage or transportation reimbursement when the employee has been gratuitously transported by another person.




While on approved travel, employees shall be reimbursed for expenses up to established rates approved by the Board.  Employees may be reimbursed actual expenses for lodging at single occupancy rate.  Receipts for lodging shall be attached to the travel voucher.  Other incidental travel expenses which may be reimbursed include communication expense relative to parish business, registration fees at conferences, charges for storage and handling of equipment, taxi and bus fares and reasonable tips for baggage handling.


Reimbursement for special meals with others may be made only under extraordinary circumstances.  The request for reimbursement must be accompanied by an invoice and a statement of justification which fully describes the purpose of the gathering and lists all persons attending by name and title.  The request for reimbursement must show the approval of the Superintendent.  The statement will also indicate that the expense is in the best interest of the Parish.  If any of the persons attending are Parish employees on travel status, such employees are required to deduct from their subsistence reimbursement claim the value of the meal(s) furnished.


Revised:  July 11, 2000



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง32:900

Board minutes, 3-7-00, 7-11-00


Richland Parish School Board