All personnel employed by the Richland Parish School Board shall be responsible to the Board through the Superintendent.  All personnel shall refer matters requiring administrative action to their immediate supervisor who shall refer such matters to the next higher authority when necessary.  All personnel shall have the right to appeal any decision made by an administrator through approved grievance procedures.


The following principles form the basis for efficient administration of the school system.


  1. The School Board is the policy-forming body of the district.  This body sets the general policy which conforms to the laws of Louisiana and regulations of the Louisiana Board of Education.  This body approves enforceable rules and regulations for the school.

  2. The Superintendent has the responsibility of enforcing the policies of the Board; interpreting the laws of the state and the regulations of the Louisiana Board of Education.  The administration of all facets of operation of the schools is his/her responsibility.  The staff organization for effective operation of the schools shall be planned by the Superintendent and submitted to the Board for approval.

    The Superintendent, therefore, is the chief executive officer and professional advisor to the Board.  He/she is responsible directly to the Board.

    The Board's Legal Advisor, other appointed professionals, e.g., an architect, consultant, and the Board appointed committees shall be responsible to the Board.  This does not preclude coordination of assigned tasks with the professional staff.

  3. Each school principal has the responsibility of supervising and directing operations of the school to which he/she is assigned. 

  4. Teachers are obligated to abide by the rules, regulations, and are responsible for seeing that they are carried out, by performing their classroom duties as well as extra duties to the best of their abilities.

  5. Non-professional personnel are responsible to the immediate supervisor.


Richland Parish School Board