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The Richland Parish School Board shall not purchase supplies, equipment or personal services from any member of the Board, or from a firm or corporation in which a Board member has a significant interest -- unless such purchases are made on the basis of bids or quotations requested through public advertising.  Members may submit bids when formal bids are requested but cannot vote to award contracts under such bids.


Further, no supervisor, principal or teacher or any other school employee of any school board in the state of Louisiana shall be eligible to serve as a member of the school board employing such person; however, such person shall be eligible to serve on any other parish or city school board if duly elected or appointed.  Whenever any supervisor, principal, teacher or other school employee is elected to or accepts an appointment to fill an unexpired term on the school board which employs him/her, he/she shall immediately submit his/her resignation to the employing board.  Should any such person fail to submit his/her resignation, the position he/she holds under the employing board shall be declared vacated by his/her taking oath of office as a member of the employing board.  No resignation shall be required of any supervisor, principal, teacher, or other school employee who may be elected or appointed to a school board of which he/she is not an employee. School bus operators in parishes with population not exceeding sixteen thousand may at the same time serve as a member of the school board.



Ref:     Constitution of Louisiana, Art. X, Sec. 22

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:428


Richland Parish School Board