The President, with Richland Parish School Board approval, shall be authorized to create standing Board committees as he/she may deem necessary, to be charged with deliberations of issues referred to it.  Such committees shall be composed of members of the School Board.


Committee of the Board


Instead of having multiple standing committees, the School Board directs that committee work shall be done by all members of the School Board sitting as a Committee of the Board.  The Committee of the Board shall be called by the President of the School Board when, in his/her opinion, there is a need, or when requested by two (2) members of the School Board.


Executive Committee


In exercising its statutory authority, the School Board shall establish an Executive Committee, whose membership shall be appointed by the President for consideration of such questions, matters or issues as may be referred to it by the School Board, and shall have the power to act only when specifically authorized to do so by formal action of the School Board.  The Executive Committee shall consist of three (3) members of the School Board.




Special committees may from time to time be appointed by the President or School Board to study specific issues.  The membership of any special committees need not be restricted to members of the School Board, but may include such persons who may have knowledge or interest in the subject studied.




The agenda, time and date of committee meetings shall be tentatively set by the committee chairperson and/or Superintendent and School Board President, pending discussion with the Superintendent and School Board President of any proposed agenda items and meeting date.  Once approved, the committee chairperson shall be notified prior to notification of other members.  Items of business may not be added to a committee’s meeting agenda except by unanimous approval of the members present at the meeting.


All School Board committee meetings shall be subject to the same policies and statutory provisions as regular and special meetings of the School Board.  As such, all committee meetings shall be advertised according to state statutes and School Board policy and shall be open to the public, except in those instances allowed as provided by state law.  A majority of the committee membership shall constitute a quorum for purposes of making recommendations or taking any action that has been previously authorized.  Ex-officio members of a committee shall not count towards a quorum and shall not vote on issues.


Minutes shall be taken of the proceedings of all committee meetings.  A committee report of actions taken during the committee meeting shall be presented to the School Board for its consideration and approval.


Revised:  May 14, 2013

Revised:  May 13, 2014



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:55, 17:81, 42:19

Board minutes, 5-14-13, 5-13-14


Richland Parish School Board