The Richland Parish School Board realizes the importance of a functional orientation program for new Board members.  Under the guidance and direction of experienced Board members and the Superintendent of Schools, orientation will be provided new Board members through activities such as these:


  1. They will be extended an official letter of welcome;

  2. They will be briefed on provisions of the Louisiana Code;

  3. They will be provided with a copy of the Richland Parish policies, rules, and regulations;

  4. They will be provided with current copies of school budgets and financial statements;

  5. They will be provided with information on school enrollments, professional qualifications of teachers, buildings, instructional programs, etc.;

  6. The Superintendent of Schools and President of the Board shall help to acquaint the new Board member with his duties and responsibilities;

  7. The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee will conduct the new Board member on a comprehensive tour of the district's facilities and schools; and,

  8. The Superintendent of Schools and experienced Board members shall provide time and meet jointly with the new Board member for orientation purposes.

Additionally, this Board suggests that new Board members attend Louisiana School Board Association Workshops.  Funds will be budgeted accordingly.


Richland Parish School Board