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School Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas


In compliance of Richland Parish School Board Policy BCBH, the minutes of recent school board meetings are published below. Should you need information on an earlier meeting, the viewing of archived minutes may be requested in person at the Richland Parish School Board office.

Dec 10, 2019Regular [Agenda] Pending...
Nov 12, 2019Regular [Agenda] Pending...
Oct 8, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 10, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 10, 2019Hearing [Agenda] [Minutes]
Aug 13, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jul 9, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jun 11, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 14, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 9, 2019Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Apr 9, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Mar 12, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Feb 21, 2019Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Feb 12, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jan 8, 2019Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]

Dec 11, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Nov 13, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Nov 8, 2018Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Oct 16, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 11, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 11, 2018Hearing [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 6, 2018Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Aug 14, 2018Hearing [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jul 10, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jun 12, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 8, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Apr 10, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Mar 13, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Mar 8, 2018Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Feb 13, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Feb 8, 2018Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jan 9, 2018Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]

Dec 12, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Nov 14, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Oct 10, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 12, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Sep 7, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Aug 8, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jul 11, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jun 13, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jun 8, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jun 1, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 30, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 22, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 16, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 9, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
May 4, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Apr 24, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Apr 11, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Apr 6, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Mar 14, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Feb 14, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]
Feb 2, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jan 17, 2017Special [Agenda] [Minutes]
Jan 10, 2017Regular [Agenda] [Minutes]


Our Mission Statement
The Richland Parish School System will provide a comprehensive educational foundation and safe learning environment for all students. Students will demonstrate mastery of skills needed to be lifelong learners. It is our system's purpose to develop the whole child to his/her fullest potential. Excellence will be expected from each employee and student in the system.